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Latest update from Aussieland

From thu 21 dec to sun 24 dec we hired a car and drove down the Great
Ocean Road in Victoria. It is a long and twisting road next to the ocean
so it was great fun to drive, it would be a perfect rally course. also
drove through varying weather conditions, including heavy fog and rain!
got to see lots of different rock formations that had been formed by the
ocean, the most famous of those being ‘The Twelve Apostles’. Other
formations included Loch Ard Gorge, Gibson Steps, The Arch, London Bridge,
and the Grotto. Pictures of all these are on the pics site We stayed overnight at Torquay,
Apollo Bay and Geelong.

since then, came back to melbourne on christmas eve and are just about to
leave for sydney tomorrow (saturday) evening. Christmas Day was the
coldest christmas on record in melbourne (about 14 degrees, with strong
winds), and there were showers throughout the day! It even hailed at one
point, and they say melbourne gets 4 seasons in a day so the weather here
is really unpredictable. it was a strange feeling on christmas day, didn’t
have christmas lunch because it was $150 per person (60 pounds). Santa did
pay me a little visit so i got a couple of nice presents.

We went to the cricket on Boxing Day, the biggest event in the Australian
sporting calendar. The crowd wasn’t as big as expected because of the
inclement weather, but there were still just under 90,000 there. Saw Shane
Warne take his 700th wicket which was a great moment, but another useless
England performance. Went to the second day as well, Aussies dominating
again. 4-0 in the series now and almost guaranteed to be a whitewash.
Luckily I’m not a major cricket fan, although it has still been a very
disaappointing series for england fans.

Went on a tour of the Telstra Dome today, another big sports stadium in
melbourne. Got to go in the exec boxes, media centre, press room, dressing
rooms and on the pitch, which was cool.

Next stop is Sydney for New Year’s Eve, which I am really looking forward
to. The fireworks will be awesome, from the sounds of things we will need
to get a good position early in the day as people start gathering from
midday onwards. Then its the fifth test match, the last in the series.
Also theres a twenty20 cricket game which should be exciting, and there
will be plenty to do besides that. In 2007 we are going to a few one day
cricket matches in Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania, so there’s about a
month left for me here.

Happy New Year.


Adelaide to Alice to a big rock

It’s been a while since the last update, that’s because I’ve been about 400km from anywhere in the middle of this country. Had an excellent time at Ayers Rock/Uluru, walked round it (10km/3 1/2 hours) and took a ton of pictures, and saw it at sunrise and sunset. Also we visited The Olgas/Kata-Tjuta, a series of smaller rocks but just as interesting as the big one. Because the rock is so big you can walk round it by yourself and not see anyone else very often! There’s lots of holes and caves that you don’t see from far away so it was definitely worth walking around. We did it very early in the morning so it was cooler than later in the day.

 Also another thing I liked about the outback was the clear night skies, there were so many stars to see. Fascinating to see them, but the only ones I could identify were Orion’s Belt.

To get to Ayers Rock we flew from the nearby town of Alice Springs. When I say nearby,  I mean 465km or a five hour drive. There is not much to do in Alice, a guy I spoke to said the only thing to do is watch the traffic lights change! However we were only there for one day, we arrived on the Ghan train from Adelaide.

We had a good time in Adelaide although probably spent too much time there as there wasn’t that much to do. However we went to three days of the test match (including the last day, sat amongst the delirious Aussies!), a great white shark museum, saw the Ashes urn, went to a exhibition about Don Bradman, went to Mt Loftly lookout, and had a brief tour of a chocolate factory.

And today we went to the first day of the third test match in Perth, the best day we have been to so far. 12 wickets and 300 odd runs, and finally Panesar played! We had a great seat five rows from the front, and it was good to see England putting the Aussies on the rocks for once. England to win the series 3-2, you heard it here first!

 That’s all for now folks.


I have uploaded a few photos from the trip so far, you can view them by clicking on them on the right sidebar from this page. Alternatively visit

 And England are going to win the Ashes 3-2, you know it makes sense.

Me holding a koala at Australia Zoo!

Me holding a koala at Australia Zoo 
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